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Dissertation Defense by Danica Dicus 5/21/2018 @10a @SLCC3233 “Towards corpus-based sign language interpreting studies: A critical look at the relationship between linguistic data and software tools”

Original source: Dissertation defense for Danica L. Dicus Date: May 21, 2018 Time: 10:00 AM Location: SLCC 3233 From: Gaurav Mathur, Ph.D., Dean of the Graduate School It is my pleasure to announce that Danica L. Dicus, a Ph.D. … Continue reading

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SHARE: Media piece on Pro-Tactile ASL in Quartz, “A language for the DeafBlind”

  Quartz wrote about Pro-Tactile ASL, link below, featuring faculty member Terra Edwards, her colleague and a DeafBlind user of PT Oscar Serna, and PEN faculty Clifton Langdon. DeafBlind Americans developed a language that doesn’t involve sight or sound “Pro-tactile … Continue reading

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Announcement: New journal “Society for American Sign Language Journal (SASLJ)”

Call for Papers Society for American Sign Language Journal ISSN: Pending (Online) (Copied from email by Jody Cripps – please contact her if you have more questions about this) Society for American Sign Language Journal (SASLJ) is a peer-reviewed journal. The bi-yearly publication of … Continue reading

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Srudent presentation by Shane Blau, LIN doctoral student “Student Accent and linguistic characteristics of Deaf bilingual signers: Building the foundation for infant language research”

GRP presentation by Shane Blau, LIN PhD Student “Accent and linguistic characteristics of Deaf bilingual signers: Building the foundation for infant language research” This study analyzes the language of Deaf bilingual signers (unimodal bilinguals) producing language in their L1 and … Continue reading

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#WhyISign has exploded on many of our Twitter (or insert-preferred-social-media-site-here) feeds these past few days. The hashtag began with Stacy Abrams, a Deaf woman, who explained that her family, who are hearing, learned sign (ASL) because as her mother said … Continue reading

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Book Announcement: Ceil Lucas’s memoir “How I Got Here”

Ceil Lucas was born in the United States but raised from ages five through twenty-one in Guatemala City and Rome, Italy. The Guatemala of the mid- 1950s saw intense American intervention in Guatemalan affairs, intervention shaped by the deep fear … Continue reading

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Brown Bag – Mark Sicoli presents “Place Reference and Cultural Practice in a Zapotec Community” 1/20 12-1250p @Library Basement, room 111

Mark Sicoli, a linguistic anthropologist from Georgetown University, will be coming to Gallaudet to share some of his recent work Wednesday, January 20th at noon in the library basement  (Room 111). Dr. Sicoli’s research is making important progress toward understanding iconicity in spoken languages, language … Continue reading

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