Pre-release screening of video textbook “Sign Language Acquisition by Deaf and Hearing Children…” 4/14 @SAC1011

There will be a pre-release screening of a new video textbook, Sign Language Acquisition by Deaf and Hearing Children: A Bilingual Introductory Digital Course (Thursday, April 14 from 2:30-4 in SAC 1011)

This book approaches language acquisition using sign language as the point of reference, covering acquisition in a variety of different contexts (early L1, late L1, bilingual, L2). The book grew out of Deborah Chen Pichler’s LIN 510 course and is presented in ASL (signed by Lon Kuntze) with accompanying English slides and optional English voice-over. It’s taken over 4 years to finish, so Deborah Chen Pichler and my co-authors (Diane Lillo-Martin, Ronice Quadros, Lon Kuntze and Marianne Stumpf) are excited to finally have a screening, even if it’s only pre-release. Come see a sample of the book and eat some free popcorn! (Informal book description below)

Video book descrip-informal

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