Brown Bag Talk– Raychelle Harris presents “Let’s Chat: Sociolinguistic Features of ‘Academic ASL’” 3/23 12-1p @SLCC Open Area 3rd floor

Raychelle Harris, Associate Professor of GU Department of ASL and Deaf Studies, will be joining the Gallaudet Linguistics Department to present “Let’s Chat:  Sociolinguistic Features of ‘Academic ASL'” on Wednesday March 23, 2016 at 12 PM in the open space of the Linguistics Department.  The presentation is in the open area of the Linguistics Department. Anyone is welcome. Bring your lunch!

The dialogue will take place in Visual ASL. See below for information about the event and the presenter.

Abstract:  We’ve seen a lot of claims about what ‘academic ASL’ looks like… signing bigger, signing with two hands instead of one, signing more English-like, fingerspelling more than usual, emotional detachment from the content, increased use of initialized signs and so on.  TRUE-BIZ?   During this brown bag lunch conversation, Raychelle will share her thoughts (well, okay, claims) about the phonological, grammatical, lexical, syntactical, discourse, and pragmatic features that are usually associated with what people call ‘academic ASL’.  Like with everything in life, unfortunately, the answer is never simple.. except maybe with Apple products.
Bio:  Third generation Deaf and a native ASL signer, Raychelle Harris received her Bachelors in American Sign Language (ASL) from Gallaudet University and Masters in Deaf Education from Western Maryland College in 1995 and 2000, respectively. Raychelle has been teaching ASL as a first and second language since 1993.  She returned to Gallaudet University for her doctoral studies in the areas of education and linguistics, with her dissertation topic focused on ASL discourse in academic settings. In 2008, Raychelle joined Gallaudet University’s Department of Interpretation as a faculty member. Since 2009, Raychelle has been teaching with the Department of ASL & Deaf Studies, preparing future ASL teachers in the Masters in Sign Language Education (MASLED) program in online, hybrid and onsite formats.  She is also one of three co-editors of the Journal of ASL and Literature (JASLL). Raychelle holds Professional Certification with the American Sign Language Teachers Association (ASLTA) and is a Certified Deaf Interpreter (with BEI).  And she really loves Apple products.
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