Workshop – Ardavan Guity and Risa Shaw present “Deaf-Hearing Professional Interactions and Partnerships” 2/19 10a-12:30p @Georgetown University, Poulton Hall 230

Deaf-Hearing Professional Interactions and Partnerships Workshop
Presented by the MA in Language and Communication  – Georgetown University

Friday, February 19, 10:00am – 12:30pm
Georgetown University – Poulton Hall 230

Let’s get together to talk about how to have successful and effective interactions and collaborations among Deaf and hearing professionals! We will combine presentation and break-out groups to address and practice how to make workplaces and organizations welcoming and accessible to Deaf professionals in order to promote partnerships. We will consider perspective, etiquette, Deaf culture and language differences, legal responsibilities and resources, quality of interpreter services, how to discern the effectiveness of interpreters, where to find resources and know what your responsibilities are, and how to foster Deaf-hearing relationships. This workshop will provide information and opportunities for linguists to successfully navigate Deaf-hearing professional interactions.

Speaker bios:
Ardavan Guity is from Tehran, Iran. He is from a Deaf family and went to a Deaf school for most of his life. He was a delegate for the 2011 World Federation of the Deaf Congress in South Africa and the founder the first Iranian Youth Deaf camp. His goal is to advocate for the Iranian Deaf community and support education and awareness for Deaf people, especially children, in developing countries.

Risa Shaw, Ph.D., is a professor at Gallaudet University in the Linguistics Department, and is a practicing interpreter and interpreter educator. Her research interests include interpreting, legal settings, narratives, and trauma. Risa is often found playing soccer or gardening.

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