Brown Bag – Danica Dicus presents “Towards Corpus-Based Sign Language Interpreting Studies…” 12/9 12-1250p @SLCC open area, Ling Dept

Please join us on Wednesday, December 9th at noon in the open area for a presentation by Danica Dicus titled, “Towards Corpus-Based Sign Language Interpreting Studies: A critical look at the relationship between linguistic data and software tools.” This presentation is one of three paper presentation requirements for PhD students in our department. See below for abstract, and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Towards Corpus-Based Sign Language Interpreting Studies: A critical look at the relationship between linguistic data and software tools

In any field of research the tools that are used to view and observe the given data will influence the outcomes of ones analysis. The use of software tools in the fields of spoken language interpreting corpora and sign language corpora has allowed for increased shareability and cross-linguistic analysis of data. The same benefits are available to a future sign language interpreting corpus, which would allow linguistic researchers, interpreter researchers, interpreter practitioners, and interpreter educators to have evidence based discussions about the data. The goal of this study will be to develop an understanding of what specific multi-media software tools offer linguistic researchers and how effectively patterns in American Sign Language (ASL)-English interpreted data can be brought to light. In order to explore the relationship between linguistic data and software tools, I intend to investigate the question: How effectively can four different multi-media software tools allow researchers to represent and describe linguistic aspects of Constructed Dialogue (CD) in ASL-English interpreted texts?

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