Brown Bag on development of Bimodal Bilingualism (the first 6 years) 4/27, 12-1 @SLCC Open Space, Ling Dept

The semester is winding down. Please take a break from the end of the semester craziness and join us Monday April 27th for a Brown Bag Lecture. Bring your lunch!

topic: Development of Bimodal Bilingualism: The first 6 years
presenters: Dr. Deborah Chen Pichler, Wanette Reynolds, Laura Kozak, and Jeffery Palmer
when: Monday, April 27th, 12 to 1 pm
where: SLCC 3rd floor open area in linguistics department

Come hear about one of our department’s ongoing research programs, the Development of Bimodal Bilingualism, a joint grant project between Gallaudet, the University of Connecticut and the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Brazil. How do children growing up with ASL and English develop linguistically? How does sign+speech bilingualism compare with more typical speech+speech bilingualism? Debbie Chen Pichler, PI of the Gallaudet team, will open the hour with an overview of the project’s main themes from the last 6 years, and also describe the directions in which the lab will be expanding in the future. Our three PhD students in the lab, Viola Kozak, Jeffrey Palmer and Wanette Reynolds, will each speak briefly about our investigations in the development of phonology, syntax and discourse development, respectively, among bimodal bilingual children. We will also touch on the topic of koda signers as heritage users of sign language, displaying many of the trademark characteristics noted for heritage speakers, or bilinguals acquiring a minority, home language in the context of a more dominant majority language.

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