Post about TISLR by Doctoral Candidate Carla Morris

The deadline to submit abstracts for posters or presentations for TISLR12 in Melbourne, Australia, is this weekend.

*** Update regarding submission deadline ***

From the SLLS facebook page

Hello everyone,

This is a third and final reminder about the deadline for abstracts for the TISLR 12 conference. It has been slightly revised to March 1, 23:59 Melbourne time (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time, or AEDT). This is 11 hours ahead of GMT. The cut off for submissions to the EasyChair system has been set to this deadline.

We have extended the deadline slightly to take into account the time differences across the globe which mean that the final hours of February 28 (the previously announced deadline) in some parts of the world may be up to 21 hours (if, for example, you are in Hawaii) behind Melbourne time.

Thank you,
Chair, TISLR 12 Local Organising Committee


Australian Eastern Daylight Time is 16 hours ahead of Eastern Time
For example:
2:39 AM Saturday, Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) is
10:39 AM Friday, Eastern Time (ET)

Some of you may be asking: What is TISLR???

TISLR stands for Theoretical Issues in Sign Language Research. It has become the international conference in our field of sign language linguistics that encompasses all theoretical approaches – The unifying characteristic is our research of sign languages.

Currently, TISLR is held once every 3 years. The first one I attended was in 2010, at Purdue in Indiana.  The most recent (TISLR11) was in London in 2013, where myself and five of our classmates and two of our faculty members presented (!). This next one will be in Melbourne in 2016.

The first TISLR was held in Rochester, NY in 1986.

The second was hosted by our very own department and held here at Gallaudet in 1988. (TISLR2 Proceedings).

TISLR’s governing body is the Sign Language Linguistics Society (SLLS).

At TISLR, not only do sign language researchers from around the world have a chance to network and collaborate (and show off a little), SLLS also holds their General Meeting, wherein the hosting sites of upcoming TISLR’s are voted on – much like the competitive hosting process for the Olympic Games.

Following Melbourne next year, Hamburg is slated to host in 2019. Even if you only have the opportunity to attend, I highly recommend it!  It’s an amazing experience.

– Carla Morris

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