Zaban Eshareh Iran (ZEI) – sign language of Deaf Iranians

Jodie Novak, who just graduated with a master’s degree from our program, created this video in collaboration with two Deaf users of Zaban Eshareh Iran (ZEI). Some of the information included in the video came from a graduate class offered in our department – Field Methods – in which graduate students of the linguistics department work closely with consultants from an understudied sign language (which varies from semester to semester). For the entire semester, students elicit, transcribe and analyze filmed data in the attempt to better understand the lexicon and grammar of that signed language.
This video offers discussion of linguistic research and some of the findings of the Fall 2013 Field Methods class on Zaban Eshareh Iran (the sign language used by the Deaf community in Iran).  The audience for the video is the Deaf Community in Iran, however, we thought folks in the department would enjoy watching it as well.  The video is in ZEI;  English and Farsi captions will be added soon.
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