Job opportunity: Terms of Reference (TOR) for International Consultant of Child Sign Language Assessment

Deadline has been extended. Opportunity is still available. For more information read below. Contact: Audrey Cooper, discorpo at gmail dot com

The Intergenerational Deaf Education Outreach Project – IDEO

JSDF – TF 099058



The Intergenerational Deaf Education Outreach Project is being implemented by World Concern Development Organization in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) in the four provinces of Hanoi, Thai Nguyen, Quang Binh and Ho Chi Minh City. The overall objectives of the project is to assist young deaf children to integrate into mainstream society, by piloting an innovative joint family and institution-based delivery system comprising screening, family support, and preschool services. This project is set to run until August 2015.

The project has three components of intervention:

  1. Demonstrating (joint family-institution pre-school education for deaf children, and essential knowledge base).
  2. Developing professional human resources for pre-school deaf education.
  3. Building capacity and partnerships for the deaf communities and raising awareness for general public.

The international consultant for child sign language assessment is under package # 2 in the Procurement Plan of Component 1: Demonstrating (Joint family – institution pre-school education for deaf children and essential knowledge base) which aims to create affordable ways of helping families with a deaf child via Family Support Teams – FST (deaf family mentor/educator, sign language interpreter and hearing teacher of the deaf) placed in six existing child care centers or schools countrywide and establish an essential knowledge base to support training, monitor the efficacy of educational approaches for young deaf children, conduct demonstration of program mechanisms and outcomes, and devise assessment tools for language development of the child. This knowledge base will provide information on preschool deaf education from local and global sources within Vietnam, and also support the use of research-based knowledge during decision-making processes about educational placement and communication for deaf children.

The international consultant for child sign language assessment will create assessment checklists and techniques (protocols) for the Family Support Team (FST) to monitor and evaluate the sign language development of the deaf children in IDEO project over the participating period of accessing educational services that provided by FST at the demonstration centers as well as at the house of deaf children.

The international consultant is hired to create the forms/tools to assess child sign language development of the deaf child from 0-6 years old involved in the project. The assessment checklists and techniques will allow the centers to determine the child’s needs and how well the chosen communicative approach is working for each child and their language development over the participating period of accessing educational services.

The consultant will:

  1. Work with Vietnam deaf institutions, schools, centers, and clubs to collect/select relevant information/data on tools for assessing child progress in learning/developing sign language for deaf children from 0-6 years old in particular (Output 1: Report of current/available tools)
  2. Analyze, evaluate the data/information (Output 2: Analyzing & Evaluation Report)
  3. Base on the result of the research of SL and VNSL grammar (produced by the SL & VNSL grammar consultant) and the analysis of collected data/information; develop tools for assessing child progress in learning/developing sign language for deaf children from 0-6 years old involved in the project. (Output 3: The assessment checklists and techniques)
  4. Test these tools in IDEO project sites (Output 4: Field testing report)
  5. Adjust the tools according to the test results and comments from IDEO Technical Working Group (Output 5: meeting report/result)


  • Period of performance:  Sep. – Dec. 2013
  • The consultant will be responsible in following the estimated timelines and outputs. Estimated number of working days:  24
Output Scope of service (III) #of working days
Output 1 III. 1 04
Output 2 III. 2 06
Output 3 III. 3 08
Output 4 III. 4 03
Output 5 III. 5 03
Total  24


  • An advanced university degree (M.A., PhD) in education, social sciences or a related discipline, with expertise in deaf education (preferably early child education), and area specialty in the Asia region;
  • Experience as an applied educational or social science researcher and as an education program evaluator with deaf people; having child sign language assessment experience is an advantage
  • High level of fluency in one or more natural sign languages
  • Substantial international experience in deaf education and deaf communities, preferably in developing countries;
  • Demonstrated capacity to organize and manage community-based consultation processes (e.g. workshops, focus groups, town-hall meetings, et cetera);
  • Demonstrated capacity to work effectively in a team, to manage a range of tasks, to work pro-actively and with diligence, and to manage resources effectively while meeting deadlines;
  • Excellent report writing skills in English.


  • Interested candidates are requested to send a letter of application and their CV with details of qualifications, experience and references via email ASAP to:
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
  • Deadline for applications: September 15, 2013
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