Data tapes of Sociolinguistic Variation in ASL and Black ASL now available to public

The data tapes from the 1994- 2001 Sociolinguistic Variation in ASL and the 2007- 2012 Black ASL are now available for viewing in the Gallaudet video library on-line. They are available at:

On the right side, there are different categories: Alumni, Deaf History, etc.. See “Linguistic Video Collection” for the digitized data tapes or use this link: Here you will see thumbnails for Linguistic Video Collection, scroll down to whatever you wish to view and click to “next” to continue.

If you have any questions, please email Gary Brooks, a video producer for Video Services at Gallaudet Technology Services at

As posted by linguist Adam Schembri on the SLLS-list (Sept 7, 2013), “This ASL data joins the Corpus NGT and the BSL Corpus in providing open access video data online – I hope we’ll see more projects and sign languages join these collections in the near future!” We agree and look forward to seeing more open access video data online.

Screenshot of "Linguistic Video Collection" on the Gallaudet Video Catalog site on the Gallaudet website

Screenshot of “Linguistic Video Collection”

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