Brown Bag Event 4/26 @ SLCC 2300 A&B

On Friday, April 26th, Dr. Marlon Kuntze and Adam Stone will be doing a brown bag lunch presentation (SLCC 2300A&B). We will be starting around noon. And please bring your lunch to eat during the presentation. See you then!

Topic: Criteria for determining the degree of Iconicity in a Sign

Dr. Marlon Kuntze and Adam Stone, a first-year doctoral student in the Department of Education, are taking a close look at iconicity in ASL vocabulary as a part of Kuntze’s longitudinal study in child ASL acquisition The results of this study will be presented at TISLR this July.

Their working hypothesis is that if iconicity has a role in vocabulary development, we need to look more closely at different types of iconicity such as the lexical items that depict action as opposed to those that represent a perceptual feature of an entity, and the iconicity of classifier constructions. The motivation that Kuntze and Stone have for holding this brown bag lunch is that they want to elicit your feedback on how the degree of iconicity in signs may be determined. They will provide several examples of each level of iconicity in hope that it will promote a discussion among those in attendance.

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