Brown Bag Event 3/1 @ SLCC 2300 A&B

On Friday, March 1, Soya Mori will be doing a brown bag lunch presentation in SLCC 2300 A&B (please note the different location!). We will be starting at noon. And please bring your lunch to eat during the presentation. See you then!

Topic: Syntactic structure of JSL sentence with Referential Shift

By S. MORI and A. Kazumi
Sandler, Wendy, and Diane Lillo-Martin (2006) discussed about RS structures in Signed Language and following their discussions, we tried to study the structure in JSL. What are the features of JSL sentence with Referential Shift? We looked into data from native JSL signers and found some NMM patterns for its quotation features. There are Direct Quotation and Indirect Quotation in JSL. Then we tried to compare the features with that in ASL and found some difference between the two Sign Languages.

Born in 1962 in Tokyo (with Two Deaf sisters)
1985: Graduated from Waseda University, School of Political Science and Economics
1987: Obtained Master’s Degree in applied economics from Graduate School of Economics, Waseda University, Japan.
1992-1994: Overseas Research Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Rochester
2002-2008 President of Japanese Association of Sign Linguistics
2003-          Board of Japan Society of Disability Studies (2010-2012 Chief Editor of Journal of Disability Studies)
Many oversea research experiences in Asian and African countries.

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