Feb. 26, 2013 – Integrating Visual Learning and Linguistic Diversity: Lessons from Bilingual ASL/English Classrooms

“Integrating Visual Learning and Linguistic Diversity: Lessons from Bilingual ASL/English Classrooms”

Members of the Gallaudet Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Initiative (GSTLI) will share their research projects on Feb 26, 12:30-1:50 in SLCC 2300.

GSTLI projects attempt to ‘make learning visible’ by focusing on the intermediate steps, moments of puzzlement, and bottlenecks of learning. Their research considers and analyzes these moments as they happen in the communicative context of Gallaudet’s bilingual, technologically and visually rich classrooms. This panel presentation will introduce current projects and discuss the impact these projects have had on course design, student engagement, and larger curricular decisions. GSTLI research includes: Dr. Miako Rankin (Linguistics), “Capitalizing on Linguistic Diversity to Create Culturally Diverse Science;” Dr. Kristen Mulrooney (Linguistics), “How Do We Help Our Students Take Ownership of ASL Used in Academic Settings;” Dr. Sharon Pajka (English), “‘Place’ in a Visually Oriented and Linguistically Diverse First Year Course;” Dr. Thomas Horejes (Sociology), “Integrating Students’ Capital(s) via Linguistic Diversity;” and Dr. Kathy Wood (English), “Classrooms and Class-as-Community: Creating Coherence in ASL and English Academic Discourse.”

Requests for tactile or close vision interpreting should be sent to Jill.Bradbury@gallaudet.edu by Feb. 20th at 4 pm.

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