Brown Bag Event 2/15 @ SLCC 3233 aka Open Area

On Friday, February 15th, Dr. Robert Adam will be doing a brown bag lunch presentation in SLCC 3233 or the open area. We will be starting around noon. And please bring your lunch to eat during the presentation. See you then!

Topic: Cognate facilitation in code-switching between two sign languages

The study on unimodal (sign language) bilingualism reported here used a picture naming task to investigate switching costs between British Sign Language and Irish Sign Language – historically unrelated and mutually unintelligible sign languages. The signs for half of the pictures were totally different in the two sign languages; the signs for the remaining stimuli were pseudo-cognates differing by one or two articulation parameters (eg handshape, location or movement). A switching cost was found, with switch responses slower than non-switch responses trials. A clear L2-L1asymmetry was not found, but there did appear to be a language specific effect: producing ISL is faster than producing BSL.  A stronger cognate facilitation effect was found where response latency was shorter where the item had pseudo-cognates in both ISL and BSL. The implications of these findings for models of bilingual lexical access will be discussed.

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