Brown Bag Event 10/05 @ SLCC 2300 A&B

On Friday, October 5th, Paul will be doing a brown bag lunch presentation in SLCC 2300 A&B. We will be starting around noon. And yes, please feel free to bring your own lunch to eat during the presentation. See you then!

Below is the title and abstract of the presentation.

Scope in ASL Scene Depictions
Paul Dudis, Gallaudet University

In this presentation, I discuss how the notion of scope in Cognitive Grammar (Langacker 1987, 2008) is useful, if not essential, in the analysis of ASL scene depictions. Generally, there are two types of scene depictions: “surrogate space” (Liddell 1995) and the 3D “diagrammatic space” (Emmorey and Falgier 1999). Both depictions generally differ in scale (life-sized vs. compressed) and in the extent of physical space employed (encompassing much of the signer’s body vs. restricted to a smaller portion of space in front of the signer). This difference in scale is a matter of how the signer construes the “objective” scene to be depicted. Scope is also an aspect of construal (Langacker 1987, 2008). Included in the data to be presented are scene depictions that, despite being life-sized, do not encompass the signer’s body (and therefore do not qualify as surrogate spaces). I suggest that in these cases, the signer has elected to limit the scope of depiction by excluding the spatial relationship between the object of interest and a vantage point within the scene. In addition to a brief consideration as to the implications for the structure of certain depicting verbs, I also discuss the role of scope in scene depictions that would be described as “performatives” (Winston 1993) or “constructed action” (Metzger 1995).

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