Brown Bag Event 9/14 @ SLCC Open Area

This Friday Deb will be doing a brown bag lunch presentation in our open area (SLCC 3233). We will be starting around noon. And yes, please feel free to bring your own lunch to eat during the presentation. See you Friday!

Below is the title and abstract of the presentation.

Development of Bimodal Bilingualism: Studying how sign language and spoken language grow in the same brain

Research interest in bilingual acquisition has revolved around the persistent question of how simultaneous exposure to two languages affects development. The relatively recent study of bimodal bilingual learners, children acquiring one sign language and one spoken language, raises new questions about bilingual acquisition and offers novel approaches for understanding how simultaneously acquired languages interact, as well as how modality affects acquisition. This talk will overview a five-year collaborative project between research teams at the University of Connecticut (led by Diane Lillo-Martin), the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (led by Ronice de Quadros), and here at Gallaudet (led by Debbie Chen Pichler), studying various aspects of linguistic development among two bimodal bilingual populations: (a) hearing children of deaf families (i.e. coda children or kodas) and (b) deaf children with cochlear implants who continue to use sign language, in addition to spoken language. After a brief overview of project methodology, I will share some preliminary findings and discuss challenges encountered by this type of research.

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