Lecture Series presentation by Dr. Jordan Fenlon on March 30

Gallaudet University Linguistics Department presents:

What can we do with a sign language corpus? Insights from the BSL corpus project

Date: March 30th
Time:  12:00 PM – 1 :00 PM
Place: SLCC  2300 A & B

In this presentation, Dr. Fenlon will share his work on the BSL Corpus Project. He will demonstrate what can be learnt from a sign language corpus, such as supporting or clarifying current claims about sign language structure. Additionally, he will address how annotation work on the BSL corpus has led to plans for a new online dictionary, BSL SignBank, which will be the first corpus-based dictionary for any sign language. This dictionary will not only include phonological and morphosyntactic information but its link with the BSL corpus means it may be possible in future to list signs in their sociolinguistic context. These studies clearly demonstrate the advantages that the knowledge derived from corpora can offer to sign language linguistics, sign language teaching and learning, interpreter training, and other disciplines within sign language studies.

The presentation includes the work of Adam Schembri (La Trobe University, Melbourne), Ramas Rentelis, Rose Stamp and Kearsy Cormier (University College London).

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