Lecture on Interpreting and Translating Poetry

Join us for an exciting lecture hosted by the Gallaudet Department of Interpretation’s 2011-12 Lecture Series. Feel free to download the flyer attached at the bottom of the post. Hope to see you all there!


Lecture: ‘Interpreting and Translating Poetry’

Tuesday, September 27

Noon – 1 p.m.

JSAC, Rm. 1011

This event is part of the Department of Interpretation’s 2011-2012 Lecture Series. Professor Pietro Celo will be presenting on the process and challenges of interpreting a written text like poetry into sign language. Celo is joining us from Italy, where he teaches at several universities, including Ca’ Foscari University in Venice and Milan Bicocca University. He is a CODA, a board member of the Italian Association of LIS Interpreters (ANIOS), and has published several works regarding poetry and interpreting. In this presentation, Celo will discuss the topic of “intersemiotic translation,” where the interpretation is between different mediums or modalities. He will address how to handle poetry with courage and artistic license and how to share this passion with the audience.

Event Flyer PDF


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