GURT Panel: “Sign Languages and the New Media”

2011 Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics

GURT panel poster

GURT Panel, “Sign Languages and the New Media”
Friday March 11, 1:30- 3:30 pm,  ICC 105 in the Georgetown Univ Intercultural Center.   Interpreting provided.

Organizer: Ceil Lucas, Gallaudet University

The effects of electronic communication on American Sign Language Erin Schneider, Laura Kozak, Roberto Santiago and Anika Stephen Gallaudet University

Signed video communication and iPhone Gene Mirus, Gallaudet University, Elizabeth Keating, University of Texas at Austin, Rebecca Siu, Gallaudet University, and Kristen Sprenger, Gallaudet University

‘He said what?!’ : Constructed dialogue in various interface modes Clifton Langdon and Lesa Young Gallaudet University

‘You want WHAT on your pizza?!’ : Videophone and video relay service as potential forces on lexical standardization of American Sign Language Jeffrey PalmerWanette Reynolds, and Rebecca Minor Gallaudet University

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